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With rather a long history and recognized tradition, since its establishment in 1993 YORK EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (YES) has been providing overseas educational pathway guidance, playing a vital role in bridging various worlds and countries with an objective of exchanging talent & education. 

We at YES believe that students aren't just carrier motives, institutions aren't just stepping stones. There are hopes, aspiration and motivation behind each student that wishes to pursue for an overseas education.
The mutual trust between us, our partner Schools and our Students make this process flourish for years.


The hallmark of each YES consultant is an extensive knowledge of educational systems, schools, colleges and special programs in the countries we send students to. We encourage more active participation of educational institutions in work with prospective students and offer a number of opportunities for foreign Schools and Universities to share valuable information with Russian Schools, Agents, Consultants and prospective families.

Advertising Opportunities

YES has partnership with more than 150 universities and schools in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and cooperates with over 40 educational agencies through out Russia.
YES Newsletters are mailed to all of our partners here, schools, Universities and Agents, with a total circulation of over 2,000 a year. The Ad Supplement may be inserted in all issues mailed to Schools and educational consultants, more than 250 recipients in total on a monthly basis. When you advertise in these Newsletters you are specifically targeting people who assist students and families in choosing schools, colleges, or programs of studies that meet their individual goals, needs and possibilities. For more information including ad specs and an insertion order form please contact us at [email protected]

Internet promotion opportunities. We offer our partner schools the most beneficial ways of internet promotion on the post-Soviet market through the Russian Internet zone and also on our three websites each dedicated to specific educational area that are stated to be valuable Russian Internet resources providing students interested in studying abroad with all relevant information about the possibilities of studies abroad and choice of high quality educational institutions.

Scholarship Offers

If you plan to offer any scholarship to Russian students with a view to attract gifted and talented do not hesitate to contact us. In collaboration with YES you’ll get a no hustle best possible result. We have rich experience in administering, contests, specific tests and running interviews with applicants here. Many of previous scholarship winners have already graduated from the top schools in the UK, Canada and the USA.

Campus Tours

Such visits enable Agents and Consultants to better understand the social environment and communicate more effectively with clients. Many schools and colleges routinely invite consultants for campus visits throughout the year. Such invitations can be communicated through YES newslettes. If you are interested in arranging a Consultant Tour of your institution, contact us at [email protected]

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other proposals, offers or inquiries. We’ll be happy to assist with any issue as much as we can.

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Проспект Мира, 105, стр. 1
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